eBay Templates and eBay Store Design by Pea Soup Digital

Our eBay Store Design – Think of us as the Gordon Ramsay of the digital world (minus the cursing)

Ahhhh eBay – it’s bitter sweet. It provides the largest potential footfall possible, but it’s also home to many (many) competitors. You need an edge, something that sets you apart from the crowd. And it just so happens that that’s exactly what you’ve found, right here.

eBay templates (with a delicious difference) – design, designed to convert. Full stop.

As an eBay seller, you’re under pressure. You need to impress, and convert, quickly. First impressions matter, and you need to know that your eBay store is designed with conversion in mind. Luckily, this is exactly what we do. We don’t merely make your store look pretty, we employ super smart design conversion tactics to lead your visitors from first click to check out.


As proof to our eBay design pudding, here’s a full rundown of our approach to every project we undertake. This is how we achieve the results we do, and it’s why we’ve got lots of lovely previous clients who sing our praises.


We Talk in Plain English

eBay Store design needn’t seem like a convoluted process where, around every corner, there’s a new term to learn with more syllables than you could shake a spatula at.
That’s why we make things simple – we’ll listen to your needs, find out about your brand, your products and your consumers – then we’ll whip up an eBay store design that outshines them all – so leave the technical stuff (and techno-talk) to us.


A Completely Bespoke Design

Wow – eBay stores can appear so bland. Where our creators specialise in generic dishes that any old sous-chef web agency could cook up, we offer Micheline star worthy culinary creations – bespoke, tailored, and true to your brand.


Dedicated Account Manager

We don’t believe in passing you from pillar to post – from a sales person who seals the deal, with little technical knowledge, onto a web designer who understands HTML but not how to bring your brand to sparkling digital life. With us, right the way through you’ll have a dedicated account manager, and that’s kinda important when you may need a little support in making the most of your now super-shiny eBay store front.



Confidence is everything on eBay. You need to convey it and buyers need to believe it. Our designs boast company branding, promotion boxes and social icons and more to inspire confidence, instil trust and keep sales flowing.


A shop without a template is like bread without butter, bland and boring. Our custom designed and optimised templates don’t do bland; enhancing brand reputation and exciting customers to keep shopping baskets full.


eBay is a crowded marketplace where you’ve got to be seen to be heard. Our team of designers will create a banner that’s small in data size and large in personality to get your message across.


Identity counts for a lot. If you don’t have one you’re just one of many in the eBay rat race. You’ve got the products; we’ll help you come up with unique branding that helps them sell.


Mastering eBay requires shop categories and listing templates to work in tandem. Through dynamic categories and navigation, we’ll help you keep everything in sync, streamlined and ready for market.


Wait, what? That’s not a feature! Indeed. But our design services save you time, and time is money. We do what we do best so that you can do what you do best – run your business.

Change is afoot in the world of eBay Stores

These changes will mean that eBay stores no longer accept ‘active content’, including: JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins – if this all sounds like techno jibber jabber, fret not. All you need to know is that the Pea Soup team are way ahead of these changes – and our super, duper eBay store designs are (already) fully compliant.


Great – we know you’re going to love our work. Get in touch to find out more and hear first-hand just how we’re going to put your eBay store on a pedestal – up and above your many online competitors who’ll continue to jostle for attention.