Pea Soup Digital’s Favourite SEO Gurus

As I’m sure you’re aware, SEO is a minefield. Get it wrong and you could be picking up the pieces left by Google’s unforgiving algorithmic sword.

Whenever rules are made, there are always hordes of scallywags scheming to succeed by hook or crook without giving a second thought to the livelihood of others. Digital marketing and, in particular, SEO is no different. In fact, dodgy techniques and black hat activity is rife, but the all-seeing, all-knowing Google is one step ahead and has vowed to eliminate anyone who doesn’t stay in line.

Fear not, though, as for every rogue optimiser vying for your attention and hard-earned cash, there are tonnes of trustworthy SEO good guys to keep you on track. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite gurus in a nifty, baseball-themed Key Players of SEO infographic. Although it’s not an exhaustive list, we can guarantee these seasoned SEO experts will deliver on-point information via Twitter, blog posts and conferences 100% of the time. Follow the advice of these marketing stalwarts and we’re certain you’ll start seeing positive results sooner rather than later.

Check out the first edition of our Key Players of SEO infographic here, and let us know who you’d like to see in next instalment. 

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