Google In Numbers

Starting out as a PHD research project back in 1996, Google has
grown into one of the most successful, widely recognised brands in the world.  

Founded by Sanford University’s PHD students Larry Page and
Sergey Brin, the duo’s creation was initially coined ‘Backrub’ due their
algorithm’s ability to determine a page’s relevancy through the use of
backlinks. Google Inc., as we know it today, was launched in September 1998 and
became an instant hit.

In its first two years, Google had established itself as the
world’s largest search engine and, by 2001, was raking in millions through
pay-per-click advertising.

Google Search’s main goal is to make finding what you want
quick and easy. Whatever you’re seeking – a web page, news story, photograph,
advice or a present – Google has it all at the click of a button.

Today, Google has its fingers in a plethora of business pies
and has dabbled – and succeeded – in ventures such as Android, YouTube, Google
Fiber, Gmail and even self-driving cars. In short, Google is everywhere and
shows no signs of slowing.

Here’s a neat infographic on some of the most significant and surprising facts about the Mountain View monster.

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