A Visual History of Google Algorithm Updates


Like it or not, Google is God in the world of search engine
optimisation. Despite a recent tumble at the expense of pint-sized Yahoo, the Mountain View-based giant still commands an 87% search engine market

Google changes its search algorithm 500 times a year.
Granted, the majority of these changes are relatively minor, but some of its
larger updates can drastically affect search results, creating a ‘comply or die’
situation for businesses of all sizes around the globe. It doesn’t matter
whether you’re a tiny local start-up or a Goliath of a global corporation, no
one is safe from Google’s wrath.

Constantly striving to make search more accurate, less
spammy and harder to manipulate, Google’s algorithmic bible must be adhered to.
Fail to cooperate and the almighty Google can wipe your business off the face
off the earth (search engine results page) quicker than you can say “who’s
Larry Page?”.

As we’re feeling nostalgic, and as it can help search marketers
explain changes in historic rankings and organic traffic, we’ve put our design
skills to good use in a visual depiction of Google’s major algorithm updates. Check out the infographic below, and click for a larger image.

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