9 Tips for Successful PPC Advertising

As you should know by now, the realm of PPC waits for no man or woman – this is a marketing landscape that shifts almost by the day. So with this rapidly evolving world that we have at hand, here we provide 9 fresh and completely up-to-date PPC tips (with three thrown in specifically for those working with a budget of next to nothing).

Three killer tips for working a minimal budget to the max

  1. Begin with your core products/services

When you’re just setting out with PPC it makes sense to begin with one or two of your core products or services (this approach is also budget friendly). To select the right ones, consider these questions:

– Which of your products/services are the most popular?

– Does the popularity of these products/services depend on the season?

– Which products/services boast the best conversion rates?

– Which products/services offer the healthiest profit margins?

  1. Start with exact match keywords and phrases

While broad match key terms could serve you well later on in your campaign (and can uncover valuable words and terms you hadn’t previously thought of), specifying exact words and terms to target will provide you with greater control over the searchers to whom your adverts are shown. Using exact match also limits the number of impressions and clicks that your adverts are eligible for (which will, in turn, improve your Click Through Rates).

  1. Get to understand your target personas

Target personas represent the differing types of customers you serve – their preferences, opinions, buying habits and lifestyles. Let’s take an example – you sell software, amongst your customers are:

– Those who already use your software, who have a fair amount of knowledge and who understand the technical terms you commonly use.

– Then there are newbie customers who don’t even know that they need or could benefit from your software – these people have no knowledge of technical terms.

It’s clear that the adverts and landing pages for these two customer groups will be completely different – underlining the need for creating customer personas to guide your campaign strategy.

Tips for everyone else (including those on a low budget)

  1. Create dedicated landing pages (this was important before, but today, it’s critical)

We’re forever pressing home just how important dedicated landing pages are for a successful PPC campaign, yet in 2017 they’re even more essential.

Recent improvements to the Google quality score mean that Google now empowers you, and expects you to, create relevant landing pages that provide a good user experience and secure a reasonable CTR.

Whilst this part of your campaign is time-consuming if you’re currently working only with your bog-standard website, the results are more than worth it. Check out our Landing page checklist for perfecting this element of your campaign.

  1. Remarketing – As Google gets smarter, this marketing strategy can only get more effective

Be honest, have you been ignoring this remarketing? If so, you may need to re-consider your marketing mix, as Smart Display Campaigns are hot property right now. Remarketing, which involves showing adverts to those who’ve visited your website previously isn’t new – what is new however is that remarketing is now made all the more effective owing to Google’s capability to show adverts cross device. So a person could visit your website on their work desktop, then browse a news site by mobile on their commute home (where, you guessed it, they’ll see your attention-grabbing visual ad). Finally, three days later in front of the TV on the tablet, they finally convert – having been presented once more with your message on Facebook. This is not only an incredibly effective approach for conversion, it also strengthens your brand and establishes a growing connection with your target visitor.

  1. Make the most of ad extensions

Ad extensions are powerful stuff, yet they’re often underused or not used at all by companies that could really benefit from them. Whilst the key ones include time-saving sitelinks, call extensions and location extensions, there are many more that could well revolutionise your CTRs and conversions (such as the review, app and price extensions), with new extensions being added all the time. Our top tip? Experiment – see what works, what doesn’t and what may be worth developing.

  1. Capitalising upon Google shopping? Then you should prepare for BIG changes

If you’ve not heard, Google Shopping has hit the headlines recently, for all the wrong reasons. In a ruling in the European Courts it was found that Google had created an unfair competitive advantage. This landed Google with an almighty fine of €2.4 million euros (which may sound huge, but actually represents just 5% of the tech giant’s daily profit).

In short, this could mean that huge changes are on way for Google Shopping, so if you rely on this PPC medium alone, you should begin to consider diversifying into other advertising mediums. Google will be appealing the ruling, however placing all of your eggs into a single basket is never advisable in the marketing arena.

  1. Track, test, change (then repeat, repeat, repeat)

We know, we know – this tip features in EVERY, SINGLE, ONE of our PPC tip blogs. But it’s worth repeating, as it could just be the most pivotal tip to continually improving your campaign (especially since using testing can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent). Elements to experiment with include:

– The copy of your adverts

– Your call to actions

– The design, copy, images and content of your landing pages

– The keywords you target

  1. Last but not least – consider using the services of the pros

If there’s one thing that you may have learned from this little line up of tips, it’s that the perfect PPC campaign can be wildly different today as compared to last week. Unless you can commit a fair amount of hours to research, to reading and to staying up-to-date with all that’s happening over at Google HQ, you should seriously consider whether your PPC is best left to the experts.

If you do choose to embrace this challenge, do it with vigour – never stop learning, always seek out new expert blogs and keep your ear to the ground for rumblings of upcoming changes that could hand you an edge. As well as our blog, other websites to keep you freshly in-the-loop include Search Engine Watch, Moz and PPC Hero.

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